Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 15th, 2009

Another beautiful day in Pweto! And the sunset last night, oh my- please see uploaded photo, Marisa said it best, "It looks like Jesus should be sitting somewhere on that cloud!"

We lost one of our three musketeers yesterday :( Jen (Jen Strickland, we went to undergrad together and she is now finishing grad school at the London School of Economics), had to go back to Lusaka which, can sometimes by a 2 day journey. So will make her way down to Lusaka and arrive hopefully by Friday, she departs on the 23rd.

Yesterday was a very busy day, we were ALL over Pweto walking for what seemed like hours and hours, one house to the next. Marisa and I captured a few very powerful interviews of a Doctor, two working women (a seamstress and a social worker). This morning we are meeting with the UNHCR and then the 'Chief' of the village. We have interview meetings/appts. throughout the day today (from 8am--------7pm!?).

We depart for Moba tomorrow where there will be little if any access to Internet :(

I'll update again tonight.

Hope all are well.

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