Monday, May 11, 2009

Reel Quick ;-) May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009

The first convoy came in this morning (321 refugees), we were up at 4am yesterday expecting the boat but due to...I don't know what, it didn't come. So we were once again prepared this morning and it arrived!

I must say, after spending so much time in the camps with the refugees- seeing a few familiar faces today arrive 'Home' was an emotional and delightful experience indeed. Marisa and I were soaking wet- I mean we looked like drenched rats, it hasn't poured rain like this for months. According to the chief, this is good luck to the returnees (harvesting season...), I say it made our job very very difficult!

Ok, it is almost 9 pm here and we have yet to go home- it has been beyond a busy day. Tomorrow, we just found out, we will be deploying to FUBE which is about 170 kilometers south east of Moba. This means possibly another long 3 days, sleeping in cars/tents (if we can find one!) and capturing as many interviews/shots as possible.

I have so many words to fill in these pages not to mention photos- but Internet is a luxury of which is not mine right now :(

Stay tuned

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  1. 3 days in sleeping in car... guess I should stop complaining about living out of my trunk on weekends.

    Thank you for perspective, it's just what I needed.

    Kisses and be safe!