Tuesday, June 23, 2009


'REEL' qucik as there is no use of Internet here in Kawambwa, we showed the film on World Refugee Day, Saturday June 21st in Kala camp. It truly was a mad house and we were forced to shut it down half-way through due to people and eletrical (lack of) equipment. BUT we showed it on Sunday and people were forcing through the library doors trying to get a seat. We ended up showing it three times, then again yesterday four times! AND when we arrived at the camp in the morning, yesterday, we were informed that THREE families had gone to register to leave TODAY on repatriation. We have been informed that they were inspired by the film....a success truly.

Marisa and I, the reel project, has also been invited to attend the Cross-Border meeting in Mansa on Thursday. ALL the head/sub-head officers and IP/OP partners attend this meeting. We have been invited to share the film and present the outcome of the film on Thursday. This is very good news.

We have been awarded the PRM State Dept. grant as well, this is something that we were hopeful about but not expecting and we are grateful, ever so grateful that our work will be half-way compensated. The US Embassy Lusaka is also moved by the film, our work and there is a great possibility that more will come in the near future.

Marisa and I are tired, so tired. Honestly never-ever worked so hard- both physically and mentally- AND EMOTIONALLY. It is not over as today we leave for Mporokoso and show the film in the Mwange refugee camp. we will do this today and tomorrow, travel back here to Kawamwaba then leave at 4am on Thursday to attend the meeting in Mansa. We return from Mansa on Friday and show the film Friday night in Kala, all day Saturday and leave for Lusaka on Sunday.

This has been quite a journey...to say the least.

Hundreds of photos and more to tell- soon to come.
carpe diem-

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  1. Congrats! Sounds amazing and I was worrying about you. Stay safe.