Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 15

Well we are two weeks in and it's been non-stop; groups are lined up at our door well in advance of their allocated time slots! It's very non-Congolese ;-)

We have interviewed 22 groups thus far, Marisa and I are going to be doing another 18 groups down in Moba Port this week. It's going to be challenging to decipher how to support/choose etc. the 12 groups (total...) that we will fund this round.

I did receive word today that The REEL Project is not only known by the community as the 'micro-loan ngo' (ha) but that other local/intl organizations are 'fearing' us!???? I think there is a 'lost-in translation' with that word but what it comes down to is: other organizations have been working here for years and have failed to succeed whereas we have been here for such a short period of time and have succeeded greatly... I was informed by the Administrator this morning :-p Speaking of, Vasco and I set off at 9am to attend our meeting and on our way back both jumped on a 'motor taxi' which ran out of gas- twice. It took the man two shakes to get us half-

I only have a few minutes before our next loan group so I will sign off for now and hopefully have more exciting news in a few days.way on the fumes...always a journey; never a dull moment. ha ha

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