Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pweto, DRC

Today is my second day in Pweto- I finally arrived yesterday after two days of traveling from Joburg to Ndola to Manza to PWETO! The rains got the best of our last 4 hours of driving on the muddy roads from Kashkishi to the border. Thankfully we had no problems along the way and for the first time ever- no hassle crossing the border! The elections were announced around 630pm (LST) and following immediately were a parade of people along the streets ‘celebrating’ Kabila’s win (49%). From where I am I could see and hear masses of people marching in the 'streets' in celebration, flags, drums, car horns, singing and shouting. It was next to impossible to make it to the market area as the road was covered with people. I plan to take a walk in tomorrow and or may wait until Monday. In Kinshasa and Lubumbashi there have been reports of unrest and the opposition Tshisekedi, announced himself President and is claiming that the elections were rigged. His supporters are taking to the streets. The FINAL announcement will be released on the 17th of December when the Senate decides. Lucky for me I will be here still…unlucky for me if, I get stuck here…
As for now, all seems to be calm and peaceful. I am waiting to hear how things are in Moba as there are concerns from previous situations. I think there is more of a psychology of unrest and fear that resides in the rural areas (Moba has one of the highest refugee returns). I look forward to sitting down with my guys and discussing the situation.
Internet is as slow as always- if even available. I will continue to write and save, publish when possible. Until later,

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