Monday, June 8, 2015

IDP camp, Nyemba

It's 11am now, Kapondo and his mom arrived. We have them all settled at Malele's I am at OCHA sending this off- below are the beginning of my notes from yesterdays visit, should be able to finish tomorrow and add later. 

tough day- tough-er days ahead....
this is a pic of the mattress, bed sheet and mosquito net we purchased for Kapondo and mama Kapondo to sleep :)

June 8, 2015
6am, roosters are calling and the sun is rising, oh, and I am drinking hot Starbucks via coffee!!! (Thank you dad!) Yesterday was a very long rough day. We left the house around 730am, Malela, Ethan, Rocco, Madam Mama Theresa, Guy Marie and I. We went to the drivers house to get him, then picked up Malela and we were on the road by 8-830am (w a few stops here and there to get Talk time, water, snacks etc for the day). By the time we reached the river crossing it was nearly 12:30pm, we must have passed through 6 different villages, most of them having been IDP camps at some point or another. I paid the fee to cross over (it’s $30 USD each way for the car to cross ourselves included). We got to the other side of Nyemba River and within minutes reached the Nyemba IDP camp, immediately the ‘committee’ was called and we were under a small hut meeting with them to do introductions etc.
(As I sit here writing I can hear the whistle of the boat arriving, which Kapondo and his mom are on! We leave here in one hour to meet them at the port; it’s been two years and I am so very excited to see them!!!!).

The committee was comprised of (those that were present or, presented themselves):
President: Muambwa Francoise M from Muzozo/Nyunzu DOB: 1/9/1958, married 5 kids (LUBA)  been in camp since December 2014

Vice President: Kitenga Anisi Jean Pierre M from Kabeke/Manono DOB: 1/9/1970, married 5 kids (LUBA)- been in camp since December 2014

Security guard: Mara Dona M from Kaonda/Nyunzu DOB: ? married 3 kids, been in camp 2 months (PYGMY)

A woman (PYGMY), Kiungu Zani F from Kizunkula/Kalemie DOB: ? married 4 kids, been in camp since December 2014.

Nyemba camp statistics:
·      1340 familes
o   4430 persons
·      9 people died in May 2015 (7 children, 2 adults) Health and lack of food
·      NGO’s currently present in camp:MSF, WFP (not since March 2015)

June 9, Tuesday- 8:47am
We are here at SFCG (Search for Common Ground) about to do an Interview w/ Ms. Flavienne, SFCG is trying to arrange a mission to the field so that we can also document the activities they are doing with the IDPs. 
Stay tuned!

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  1. Loving your posts, keeping up with them this time...prayers are with you all. Waiting just to hear your voice say Mommy lol Beso's for Rocco...looking forward to more posts. Lubttu