Wednesday, November 7, 2018

To ALL of those that have supported The REEL Project

I want to take this time to thank those that have supported The REEL Project, what we do would not be possible without your support. It's hard to believe that $1 or $5 can actually make a difference- it can and it does. You just have to know where your money is actually going. Most NGO's have large overhead budgets that eat up most donations at times, 90% or more. Check this out:
This makes raising money difficult- I am happy to report however that, The REEL Project has less than a 1% overhead :)
Here are those that supported and made this trip in particular possible. I want to thank you here and later, you will all receive word on how your support has contributed to those in need:
$2700 USD raised by only 37 of you wonderful humans!

1.   Robbie Schaeffer
2.   Andrew Alvarez
3.   Nicole Schaeffer
4.   Munawar Hosain
5.   Michael Drews
6.   Shad Davis
7.   Dalhia Shuette
8.   Elizabeth Carey LaBosco
9.   Stephan Alexander
10. Myk Pleet
11. Jack Tracy
12. Phillip Fier
13. Kori Lynn Dolan
14. Jazmin Almario
15. Aqua Yost
16. Steve Rosin
17. Mohammed Dugally
18. Spencer Rose
19. Rick Schuchman
20. Sylvia Abumuhor
21. Jerm Mafnas
22. Carl Chapman
23. Annette Anderson Caton
24. Martin Kratz
25. Michael Abbot
26. Stephanie Chao-Parkes
27. David Maurer
28. Jimmy Laremore
29. Marybeth Beeler Walker
30. Kandis Sulvestri
31. Tom and Andre Frazier
32. Sandra Ruth Den Uijl
33. Mario Alvarez Guiterrez
34. Anna Hecker
35. Kelly Pagni Maestri
36. Nicole Mendez
37. Marcus Hanson

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