Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009

We had a meeting yesterday where we did a presentation on our project to the intl and local NGO's working in Moba. The collaboration and discussion was great, next week Marisa and I will be meeting with the NGO's face to face to discuss and document the projects they are doing in relation to the returnees.

Now however we are feeling the pressure!!!!

Today is Tuesday, we are all packed for the 'ECHO' (European Commission Humanitarian Organization) flight for Lubumbashi...this morning it was supposed to land but the rain made the 'landing strip' impossible, then again, the 'landing strip' is a field.

The UNHCR came to inform us that there will be a 'special flight' coming in tomorrow that will take us to Lubumbashi, yay! (We thought due to this morning's news- it was canceled).

We will return to Moba next week, May 07, in order to receive the first convoy of 2009 (refugees returning from Kala/Mwange camps-Zambia). In Lubumbashi we will document a 'settlement camp' conduct interviews and meet with NGO officials.

As for the footage- we are capturing A LOT of great interviews, learning MORE than imagined and doing our very best to deliver what we have set out to deliver :)

Stay tuned, enjoy the photos...more to come!


  1. Hey Krista, awesome photos! Thanks for keeping this blog, it's really informative, and it's great to see the photos of the people in Moba. Hey, when you go back to Moba next week to see the returning refugees, If you could, please ask someone what it would take to hire a boat from Sumbu, or Mpulungu to take us to Moba- that would be awesome. Thanks for your help, and keep the updates coming!

  2. Dear Krista, Awesome job as I sit here watching the ever so tiny screen but yet a huge endeavor. I wept with joy and happiness for all of the accomplishments that all of you have made and attempt to be made to change the life of others and make it heard all around the world. Keep up the wonderful work you and the rest do..God Bless