Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lubumbashi, DRC 2009

So we made the flight...hee hee. You really just never know! We arrived to Lubumbashi on Wednesday afternoon and smooth- no problems.

Since we have been here we have met with a friend, former refugee of Kala camp, Lumbala has been a great help showing us around and assisting us with getting a meeting with the governor of KATANGA (super big deal). We 'have an appointment' Monday morning- which means...I will keep this posted with whether that happens or not ;)

Today it rained, the weather of Congo is similar to the political system- ever changeing. Definitely tropical, most of the times it is hot but always unexpecting showers, winds or mud puddles that can keep you days from getting to where you need to go.

I am enjoying my time here, I know Marisa is as well. Aside from the great accommodations (we actually each have our own room and a shower where water comes out!), it is a different perspective entirely. We are trying to take it in and process it, hopefully by the time we get back to Moba (in a few days) our eyes will view the situation differently.

I say this because often times one can become desensitized to their surroundings- like seeing a homeless person on the street, we get accustomed to this. But it isn't always so...for example, as Marisa and I walked around 'town' yesterday (we will not be doing this again- I will save the details), there was this little boy- about 9 years old, obviously an orphan. He was following us for HOURS pretending to be our 'guide' and demanding that we pay him. The only words we exchanged with him were 'no little boy, we have no money, we cannot pay you- you are not working' then his little brother (who he had mentioned earlier) shows up. The little brother could not speak, there is something wrong with his voice box since birth. We quickly assumed he was deaf but soon realized that he was not- the two were hungry. We bought them food and never saw them again.

It is important to not let things that we are 'accustomed to' blind everyday life, with your loved ones, friends- the man that sells you a cup of coffee. We all have trials in life that we are facing, on a daily basis, one smile can move mountains, and sometimes, just recognition of someone else smiling may change their life forever.

Just a thought


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