Friday, April 3, 2009

April 3, 2009

Ok, so that 13 hour bus ride from Lusaka to Mansa was HORRIBLE (Jen, you would have never made it...!). We arrived this morning just after 5am and are STILL 4-6 hours from Kawambwa (refugee camp). We will either leave tomorrow or Sunday (depending on if the bus comes....) and stay in Kawambwa through Thursday.
Friday morning we will head to Pweto (DR Congo) and start filming. Over the past week we have received word from many of our refugee friends, awaiting our arrival, pertinent information from the UNHCR and the State Department on the hubs that we will be visiting in DRC-we are eager to get there.
Aside from the very long bus ride, we are doing great. Jen is acclimating to Zambia quite well and thirsty with questions for her research and Marisa is full of knowledge and stories that bring more awareness to our mission.
Together we are making waves and leaving no stone unturned ;-)
I hope you are all well, enjoying democracy and the weather! lol
I will try to update throughout the week on my laptop and deliver one very long-well thought out- blog before we head off to DRC.

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