Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kala Camp

Well the internet was out in Mansa on Sat and closed Sundaay...there was no bus on Saturday out of Mansa to Kawambwa just because...there was no bus? lol, we got a ride with MAG (and NGO that operates in DR Congo), as we are on the road we come across another MAG car that is broken down so, we end up towing that car....through mud, hills and large, very large pot-holes.
We finally arrive in Kawambwa by 9pm and are starving and exhausted.
We went into the camp yesterday but got stuck in the mud on our way in AND on our way back...so what should have taken 20-30 minutes took some digging, pulling (from big unhcr vehicle) and yes, a little over an hour :( Thankfully today was better- we made it in and out of the camp with no problems (just a few bruises from the ambulance tire in the back of truck).
We depart Kawambwa on Friday for Pweto. There I should have internet for full updates AND photos!
Filming has officially begun peeps ;-)

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