Sunday, May 31, 2009

June 1, 2009

'JECOKE' (pronounced; je-coke-e) are amazing- both visually and instrumentally talented, this is quite the group. We finished our FULL day of shooting at the old mining factory (photos to come). It was quite the show, and the song they wrote for the film is captivating...can't wait to share!

Marisa and I have been having the hardest time getting things done here in Lubumbashi...I mean I know it is Congo, but seriously, no one accepts Visa Credit Card, EVERYTHING has to be in cash yet we don't have access to cash because we can't use our bank cards- it's such a mess.

We bought our plane tickets for Joburg TODAY departing tomorrow morning...ugh. Talk about last minute, very difficult to plan anything in advance because you just don't know if or when 'it' will come, arrive, depart etc.

Anyway, we are booked for editing studio in Joburg for June 4th through the 13th, we will head to Zambia from there, spend a day or two and arrive in Kawambwa by the 17th of June (that's the plan anyway) and of course show the film in the camps June 20th.

Ok, time to freshin' up- we have an amazing new friend/chef (expat) that is cooking a group of us a beautiful 5 star dinner, kind of our going away-(many of us depart DRC this week). I will write more when we arrive in Joburg.

Stay tuned

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