Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 7, 2009

These photos are of Mpala, a very magical and beautiful place.
Joburg, South Africa I can sum it up in just a few words...not so bad! We arrived very tired on Tuesday, stayed at a friend of Marisa's family's home (thank you!), Wednesday we settled into our new temporary guest house. Again, not so bad! Marisa and I went to the studio and started our first day of editing. Never mind the issues of how we managed to arrive at the studio, like getting lost with the gps a million times- don't ask. Or other odd issues like finding a place where we could get our dirty clothes washed (too easy to use this as an excuse to BUY new clothes!) or, finding my way around in a car that is opposite of America including the wheel, shift, side of the road! It's been fun. Today we are home bound prepping for our final week in the studio. We have a lot of organizing to do.

I do have more stories to share but very focused on the work right now- I will fill in later.


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  1. Hello Krista

    Whit a amazing and human work.......its you know.......I will define it "THE WORK WHICH CONNECT HUMAN TO HUMAN WITH THEIR ETERNAL SOUL"