Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 8, 2009

I wake-up this morning excited by the fact that this is day 4 of editing our film. I am inspired by the people I met last night. I am thankful for the people that are in my life, for the laughs that we've shared, tears and most important the memories we have made. It is important to continue to remember the good things in life and not let the 'bad' take or bring you down, when we realize the positive, we are lifted above the negative and share this energy.
The world is your world, our world and together we make it one.

Today was a very long day...we were at the studio till after 6, working non-stop, I think we have about 10 GREAT MINUTES of the film completed. It truly is amazing to watch all of your hard work, all of the time, energy, tears and sweat- hunger pains, road trips, helicopter rides, boats you name it- come alive on screen. It has taken us 4 days to compile a mere 10 minutes yet that 10 minutes has come from hours, days, SO much work and stories, stories that take you back over a decade. It is flabbergasting, beautiful, outstanding and takes my appreciation for the people, their contribution of time and strength to share their stories- beyond the moon. Not to mention, my father who honestly, made a lot of this possible...thank you dad for believing in Marisa and me :)

Funny story...As we leave the studio today and sit in Joburg traffic for over an hour Marisa and I decide to find a restaurant and grab dinner. We are seated at a table near a man who is sitting by himself. Immediately he starts to inquire why we are in Joburg, where are we from etc. Mind you, Marisa and I are STARVING and can think of nothing else but FOOD. Our answers are short, but sweet. Soon after we arrive another man joins him and he immediately introduces us (like we are all friends!). Turns out the both of them are from Zimbabwe and they both ask if/why/when we have been there. Both Marisa and I answer yes, in 2007 Vic Falls blah blah blah- then they ask why we haven't been back. I of course open my big mouth and say, "Because the Government won't let us!" Marisa chimes in, "The Media says so" and our new friend looks at us, then at his friend and quickly says, "Well, he is the Vice President, I'm sure my friend here will grant you permission". O-M-G talk about putting my foot in my mouth!

Ok, that is a much funnier story when told verbally.

I'm exhausted and we have a FULL very long day tomorrow. Only 6 more days till we depart for Zambia....oh boy.

More photos to come.
p.s. it is windy and cold here in Joburg :-/

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