Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13th, 2009

Johannesburg, Saturday EDITING!
We leave tomorrow for Lusaka and it is 4:16pm and we are STILL in the editing studio... A very long week, SO much work!
Last week we met up with some of Marisa's friends here in Joburg and with Lynelle, (for those of you who don't know Lynelle, she is a very good friend/sister of mine from back in the 'Peru' days). When Marisa and I were in Lubumbashi we petitioned for a meeting with the governor of Katanga Province, he was busy and rescheduled but when we came back he had left for 10 days. Turns out, Lynelle's friend (photo-very large guy sitting my left) is the body guard of the GOVERNOR himself! He is in Joburg waiting for his 'boss' to get back from his 10 day vaca- too small of a world, isn't it! We had a blast, such great people, Congolese, and both Marisa and I felt extremely secure (lol).

It has been so chilly here in Joburg, freezing and raining actually- today was a beautiful day however, sunny and just a breathe of fresh air. On our way to the studio we made a silly short video in the car- I think it exemplifies that Marisa and I have lost our minds- we are overworked, exhausted, cold, need a rest or a full good night sleep- maybe we just need a drink?
We left our guest house two days ago and moved into the Coochies (Marisa's family friends)- they have been so hospitable I can't even put it into words. And, we both have our own rooms! rare-

Last night we had a viewing of the pre-final mix of the film at a friends house and the response was positive, however both Marisa and I found A LOT of mistakes which explains why we are still here at the studio now. BUT all is good-great, happening and we are moving forward.
We will arrive in Lusaka tomorrow night, Monday we have a couple of meetings one with UNHCR, State Depart (US Embassy) and with a friend/colleague. I hope that we get everything done before Wednesday as we have to arrive in Kawambwa before Thursday in order to prepare for the premiere on Saturday!
Ok, back to work- I will update again soon ;)
carpe diem-

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