Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26, 2009

Mpala was amazing, we went straight to work the moment we stepped out of the truck. The kids look healthy, the sky is clear and lake Tanganika is generous with her fish ;-)
We met/interviewed with the traditional chief of the village, the administrator, the police and stayed at the first mission ever built in DRC with 'Padre Nkuku"; a pleasent man who brings song and sunshine in every step he takes.

"You're in Congo baby" should be marked officialy as factual and documented right away! Lol...so as we were supposed to leave today on the ECHO flight, we are now trying to leave tomorrow, on the UN/MONUC helicopter- the helicopter will take us north Katanga to Kalemie (south of the Kivu's) where we will stay one night (maybe?) and hopefully catch the UN plane from Kalemie to Lubumbashi on Thursday. The maybe is because no one knows a) when it departs b) when it arrives c) if it is confirmed c) etc... so, we wait. I mean, anyone that knows me knows I am a type A control freak, everything must be planned and go accordingly or I will have issues! lol, I am learning to immerse and deal- you'd all be proud...(totally kidding, I am beside myself!).

Ok, I am back- and we have been confirmed for the UN helicopter flight tomorrow morning, hope to get on the plane straight to Lubumbashi tomorrow as well, if not than we will catch the flight Thursday?

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