Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009

Today is Friday and we are about to depart for Mpala, DRC. Mpala is 70+ kilometers on rough terrain out of Moba, home to yet another large returnee area. Mpala is where Stanley first crossed into the Congo after he met Livingstone somewhere in Tanzania/Burundi. He then trekked around Moba, before finding the Luapula river and then took it to the Congo where he founded Kisangani (then "Stanleyville"), and then down to Kinshasa. Thus it is an important part of DR Congo's history and supposedly a very special place. We are looking forward to...arriving, not the 3+ hour ride to get there :-O

Our time here in Moba is coming to an end and although we are excited to embark on yet another leg of our journey, the ties and customs of this magnificent place will remain. There are friendships that flourish in the most remote of circumstances and words exchanged in conversations so acute that they wake me each morning.

I will definitely be back to Moba one day to visit these memories, friends and creations of a people so great that their spirit exudes in the light that shines upon us all.

Stay tuned for the update on our journey, photos and no doubt great stories!
(We should return tomorrow morning...hopefully!?)


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