Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday May 19, 2009

Today is another day- another day in Moba, DRC. I have had little preparation for this blog update so I will write just as the events compiled in my unorganized mind speak...

Our trip to FUBE was one of a kind, and if I can upload some photos here they will speak louder than words...lol

Today we did an interview with the doctor from an NGO, AHA as well as with a friend from Kala camp who returned to Moba last year. Tomorrow we will go to a small village outside of Moba and document the post-training of an IGA (Income Generating Activity) that AHA started with returnees. I'm looking forward to it!

We will plan to deploy for Mpala towards the end of this week for maybe 2 days. Mpala is about 70 kilometers (or, 3 hours) out of Moba. It is a small village where rates of returnees is high. Again, no accommodations, water etc... most likely, another night in the truck :(

I must say, knowing that we are leaving Moba next week has me quite discombobulated with emotions. For one, knowing that we will be in the comforts of Lubumbashi where access to running water and electricity- Internet and TV sounds great, I know that the comfort I will eventually long for is that of Moba; tranquil, friendly, welcoming and beautiful. Our days of walking into town to start our day, waving to the familiar faces, greeting the same kids and meeting our friend and lifesaving translator, Vasco. Vasco has endured the rough with us, from lack of food- search for water to sleeping in back of empty trucks!

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  1. Thanks for the updates Krista. I totally know how you feel re: being split between our creature comforts that we Americans love so much, and the peace and tranquility that we have learned to enjoy (and adapt to) in the bush of Africa. I think about that on a daily basis!