Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And a Happy Holidays to you all...

In a couple of hours I set off for London via Nairobi...should land at about 6am Christmas day (tomorrow morning). I will be there till 9pm and arrive in Tanzania, Kilinmanjaro (via Ethipoia) by Saturday afternoon.

I had the wonderful opportunity to see a dear friend yesterday, Lumbala, while here in Lubumbashi. Lumbala is from the camp, he was there for 8+ years and upon returning to Lubumbashi he was reunited with his family whom thought he had died in the war. Such an amazing strong individual; makes one realize how important it is to embrace the experiences of life...even if it is vicariously through another individual.

I see pain and suffering daily while in the field, I hear stories that bring tears to my eyes but it is the strength that these individuals carry with them- the struggle and push to move forward and survive that I carry away with me, not their tears. No one asks for sympathy- they just ask for opportunity; to work, to have access to water and food. Working here is not feeding the homeless- for me it is feeding the soul both theirs and mine. Offering assistance in design, a model or an introduction to a friend who at times may be able to provide a job or maybe, just a sense of security even if the two never meet. This is what I am thankful for today, yesterday and tomorrow...for the people in my life everywhere.

Wishing you, your family and the people in your life a very Happy Holidays.


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    Take care and should you be on London, bring me a Rolls-Royce pls! ;)