Friday, December 25, 2009

The Journey continues...

I was stuck in Lubumbashi airport for 5 hours- well I thought I was going to be stuck then, a 'new' friend called a friend and a car arrives, takes me to 'town' where I am able to have lunch, then 'another' friend of this 'new' friend comes to take me back to the airport and see that I get off safe. I felt like some top-chief princess or something .....blush blush wink wink. Anyway, I get on the plane and am sitting next to an American, FROM DETROIT! We talked all the way to Nairobi (and had a few of those 'free' alcoholic beverages they The most interesting part about our share and tell of being American and living the crazy Congo life was that he doesn't work for anything NGO related. He is in the mining business but lives with his wife (who is Congolese) in Tanzania. It was so funny- I was sharing some of my crazy stories and he shared his! What a trip- literally.

Upon arriving to Nairobi I literally had about 20 minutes of downtime before I set off for London. On this plane, I am seated next to a Captian (pilot) of Kenyan airways (who has invited me to join he and his wife for a day in Nairobi, museums, lunch etc. time, I told him I just want him to teach me to fly!). We had a great chat until I dozed off for a much needed sleep. I woke-up to a Merry Christmas and a handshake as we were descending to London- 530am.

My bags were first off (surprising- wait not in London I I had a few minutes of delay at customs as they wanted to know why on earth I came all the way from Lubumbashi to London for 12 hours and then returning to Tanzania for a week? I smiled and said, 'it's work!' lol

Due to it being Christmas today everything is closed- even public transportation is not up and running...but a nice man, driver of one of the public buses assisted me (I didn't have but 2 euros!) to getting me to my hotel which is about 10 minutes out of the airport- Heathrow is a HUGE airport...

So I am here, everything is Christmas-y and people are walking about with their families all bundled up. It's quaint and sweet. I've been relaxing in my pj's!
I'll leave in a few hours back to the airport- fly through Addis Ababa and Mombasa before arriving in Kilinmanjaro tomorrow afternoon. WOWZERS!

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday- eating and drinking, staying warm and among loved ones :-)



  1. Krista, happy holidays to you as well and yes, I am having a good time too!
    erick ;)

  2. K.B, what kind of turtle is that?
    Whoa, the ones I like most are the charapa turtles from Peru and those tortoises from Madagascar!
    happy new year, te quiero un monton!

  3. Krista, amiga! how's life treating you back at LA?
    I am doing well and glad to hear more about your adventures, so you're at back to UCLA,no?
    saludos ;)

  4. keep enjoying life amiga! take care

  5. Hope to see new updates later, Nice blog and always, good job!
    saludos para todos