Monday, May 31, 2010

Johannesburg to Lubumbashi, Pweto and Moba

May 31, 2010

Jennifer WHEATON is in CONGO with me!!!! Alert the press people!

It was last week while I was in Paris did the plan come to mind, why doesn't Jen join me in South Africa? Timing is everything...I asked, she agreed, it was a good idea!?

Jen arrived in Johannesburg via London on Monday May 24th, 2 hours before I did. I arrived via Paris and met her at the beautiful MichelAngelo hotel. We giggled because it was so WEIRD that after all this time, her living vicariously through me and my crazy 'Africa Stories' that she was actually there!

We were at MichelAngelo only 2 nights then decided to move to the more hip Melrose Arch. We were very excited to be there and Lynelle joined us in our excitement a few evenings (and days by the pool). Finally some R&R.

I gave Jen the option to come to Congo withe me and her attitude was, 'Might as well, I am on the continent' so yesterday we left Joburg (and 6 suitcases behind with Lynelle) and arrived here mid afternoon.

Now the flight on Hewabora wasn't all that bad but when we got to the airport I realized I forgot my yellow-card (which is usually in with my passport but people- I've had a lot on my mind not to mention A LOT of schedules to run, plans to make etc. So I got a new one upon arrival ;-) lol Thanks DRC.

We are now staying at the beautiful Bougain Villa enjoying the sunny day and light breeze. Tomorrow we are off to the 'bush' Pweto which is about 3 hours north of the Zambian border. While in Pweto Jen will learn what it is Krista actually does while in Africa... visit the Computer center and check on its rehabilitation, visit the Mambo village and from Pweto go to Moba which is approximately a two hour flight (or FULL day road trip) from Pweto. In Moba we will be met by a colleague from UCLA and finalize the implementation of Micro-finance loan projects for the returnee's. Not to mention....see Kapondo family and friends!

All is very exciting, adventurous and beautiful!


krista AND JEN!


  1. Jenn is still lookin' pretty FANCY....I can't wait to see more pictures and hear all about it.xo....Jaz

  2. bless your heart ladies. I and everyone are so proud of your work, specially yours krista. Nice blog by the very way,buen trabajo!

  3. best wishes and good pictures. You should use flickr, if possible.