Thursday, December 10, 2009

DRC, Moba!

I arrived in Moba today, with a warm welcome from many familiar faces! :) I have to say however, it has been a long haul- I missed my Joburg-Lubumbashi flight (long story) I had to buy a one-way ticket on Air Zimbabwe and was directed through Harare and Lusaka before even landing in Lubumbashi.

Once in Lubumbashi I was busy meeting with UNHCR peeps and organizing/confirming my flights and accommodations. Then at the MAG house JECOKE arrived and we had ourselves a little singing dancing fiesta...remembering one of the members who passed away last week in a terrible car accident. They were thrilled to receive the calendars and extrememly happy to be singing and dancing....

I am now in Moba at UNHCR (with Kapondo) catching-up and getting filled-in with all the gossip (3 weeks ago the government raided peoples homes with the intention of 're-enforcing' security measures), needless to say people are a little shaken up...

Vasco and I are starting our survey writing now and we will go into the field starting tomorrow...Moba has grown since 6 months and, there are less than 2500 refugees left in Kala camp. Everyone is referencing the video I have heard...the results of the survey exercises will soon tell...

Ok, off for now as my Internet use is limited (when available).

My DRC mobile# is +243 99575 7075


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