Friday, December 11, 2009

Today is Saturday and we are waiting to leave for Mpala...we had to change the program due to distance and, it always/never works out. Mpala is closer than FUBE although the roads are 10X worse so, we'll see...

Vasco has been an agent of amazing support an what a trooper! We covered a lot of ground yesterday (I acted as Vasco's assistant and Kapondo was my assistant!), interesting feedback from the returnees indeed.

I have photos but have not had an opportunity to download anything yet. I will do so upon return tonight and post them in the morning.

Hope all is well on your side of the world!


It's just after 6pm and we returned from Mpala, safe and sound. The only thing that hurts is my butt from the car ride (lol).

Mpala is as beautiful as you will see from these photos I am struggling to post.

The chief of the village however passed away in August, and there is a very big problem with health care (non-existant) as with many kids want to study but their parents cannot afford it...long story but good thing is we got footage and notes (and a letter from one father addressed to the UNHCR...). so much to say but cannot think straight- have to get some food in me and collect my thoughts. Will be back at some point tomorrow :)



  1. Safe travels Miss Barnes.

  2. You always look great on these pictures. I love Africa and there are many places I would like to explore!