Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last day in Moba...

Today is my last day in Moba...the week has gone by so fast I cannot even beleive it. I will have 4 families over tonight for dinner, Vasco, Wakilongo, Augustine and Kapondos. It is going to be a full house!
Yesterday we returned from FUBE around 130pm, picked up Kapondo from his house, went to the school and discussed with the sister performace of the kids etc. I got all of them new uniforms *they only had one each and thus no time in between days to wash... I also found out that the first born was dismissed from school due to the fact that he had no shoes. I couldn't beleive this when I heard it, immediately I went to the market and purchased a pair of shoes for each child. Then I went to the shop and we delivered the door and window frame for the Kapondo's house. The photos do no justice, really. not only will this provide warmth but the door is security as well.

All of our surveys have been exceptional I am not surprised at the reactions however, I am impressed that 9/10 of the surveys are asking for IGAs or Microfinance loans...this is very important and needs to be fulfilled. Here in Moba, Moba Port, Mpala and definitely FUBE. The biggest problem those in FUBE are facing is lack of water. There is only ONE well for 8000 people and it is nearly 7 kilometers away. Also schools....for all of the children in primary school there is only 1 to accommodate. this is not enough, children are being turned away because there is not enough room. Furthermore, the secondary school is made of grass and not durable. Honestly, to build a school is not that much money, there is absolutely no reason this shouldn't or cannot be done. Then again, there are many things that need to be done and as alone as I am not, I am....ugh

Pratically everyone from the UNHCR office is leaving today for the holiday break, only a few will reamin behind. I will travel tomorrow to Pweto via the UNNAS flight and remain in Pweto for one week. I will meet with the head of office there tomorrow to discuss the program. Hopefully I can be assigned a driver and a car and take one or two days and travel to Kawambwa so that I may visit the Kala refugee camp. There are mixed messages that are being passed around through the head and sub offices, I have heard that there are less than 2000 refugees remaining and Mwange camp will be closed...then they say that they will not close Mwange etc...I will keep you posted.
Ok, trying to upload these is taking forever and a day!
p.s. My Swahili is getting so so so much better, people are very impressed *although, I think my English is getting



  1. Krista, amiga, como estas?
    I am reading a little bit about your African Journey and it's very sobbering,and hope-instilling- to know that many people take for overly granted the basic stuff many Westerners do have.(food,internet conn.,medical care,education)
    Anyway, glad to know you'll be back and best wishes on your movies.

  2. And one more thing,Africa is the cradle of humankind besides the Middle East,Eurasia and the Americas as well. I am very proud to realize that too!

  3. This place reminds me of Cajamarca, very beautiful place 10 yrs ago!