Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pweto to Zambia- Kala Camp!

Friday, December 11, 2009


What a day…I was up at 5am and really couldn’t go back to sleep at all, most likely a combination of exhaustion, jet lag and of course, excitement! I went to Agustines house with Wakilongo this morning around 730am (he lives right next door to Line’s SFCG house), we chatted until the driver came at 8am and I went to UNHCR. Vasco met me there at 9am, together we made the surveys in both English and Swahili. Wakilongo Vasco and I then went to pick up Kapondo however he was at school (BIG smiley face). We stayed around the area however and went house to house to conduct the survey. It was much more difficult to find people this way, rather find people specifically who had seen the film and not those that have just heard about it (there are plenty of them!). We got 8 today and I think tomorrow through Thursday when I leave, we will get plenty more.

We picked-up Kapondo at 1pm and went back to UNHCR, had lunch and then Vasco Kapondo and I went to work! Lol we literally went ALL OVER MOBA! I bought Kapondo a pair of shoes (and socks) as he was just in his sandals (and, turns out he was being ‘chased’ from school because he didn’t have shoes…). He was SO SO SO very happy, it is unreal- the photos I have taken do NO justice! Kapondo was a good helper today even though I had to carry the poor thing after a while…we walked A LOT!

Got back to UNHCR by 630pm, decided to come back here to the house and cook- had some trouble with that however…electricity. Vasco came over around 8pm and we went over survey and program for tomorrow. Then Paul stopped over about 9-930pm and told me that there is a problem with the driver (of course), tomorrow we may have to go to Mpala and Monday to FUBE (Mpala is much closer). So we shall see.

I am again- so very very very tired. Going lala now…side note, MY SWAHILI IS GETTING GOOOOOOD! I am laughed at left and right but I’m getting there….lol

Saturday, December 12, 2009

We succeeded- went to Mpala today. Amazing trip, sad however as we found a great need in Mpala for healthcare and education-2 big departments that are lacking greatly. I also found out (upon return) that UNHCR never sent anyone to Mpala- not even for a check-up. Thankfully Paul went with us today (Vasco and I) and even accepted a letter by one of the returnees (I suggested he write one), addressed to the UNHCR. Hopefully once all my stats are in and a report is compiled and done- things will start moving.

Unfortunately I am again struggling to keep my eyes open…a lot to say (I know I will regret not writing now but…) I have to sleep

Tomorrow is Moba Port. Meeting here at the house at 9am with Vasco, Agustine and Wakilongo to go over the program. I’ll pick Kapondo up in the morning and he will spend the day with us J I will inquire whether he wants/can/should go to FUBE with us on Monday….it will be a long day.

Also, I semi-decided today that once in Pweto, since it is only a 3 hour drive away, that I should make a quick visit to Kawambwa, say hello and do a run-through of Kala camp! Yes, I am out of my mind….



December 19, 2009

I am in Pweto now, it is 7:23am and I am waiting on the driver to come to the UNHCR compound as we are heading off to Kawambwa/Kala camp today. We will stay the night in Zambia and return early tomorrow morning.

As for departing Moba- the UNHAS plane never arrived, apparently there was no fuel. I had to go by car, UNHCR had a junction just past Pepa so I was fortunate…it took us about 8+ hours. As soon as I arrived here to Pweto, Antoine and I went to ‘Livingston’ for a cold beer and some much needed catch-up talk. Yesterday we arranged all for our departure today (UNHCR gave me an official document stamped for Zambia boarder crossing; good for 6 months!), driver, car, fuel etc. Then we went to the Computer Center and got some photos etc. We went over his document, made corrections, then his wife cooked us a fabulous lunch. After lunch we spend about two hours in the field conducting surveys. We went to Mambo which is within Pweto but 100% returnees. I can’t even put into words the feeling that overcame me everytime I heard one returnee say that they were, ‘here now in Pweto because of the film’ it is both exciting, fulfilling and scary…there are definite needs but I hope these needs once noted, will be fulfilled.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just got back from Zambia, went to Kala camp yesterday and stayed the night in Kawambwa. So amazing to see everyone. So much to say but no time to write now as we just arrived back in Pweto....write soon!


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  1. Good pictures of your beloved journey ;)
    Very cool and sometimes rough week,no?
    take care. Erick