Wednesday, May 27, 2015

LAX-Dubai-short stop in Entebbe-Kigali

We left Los Angeles Monday afternoon, it's now Wednesday 12noon (in Kigali, Rwanda)- and 3am (12 noon at time of posting) in Los Angeles- WE ARE EXHAUSTED! :(

Rocco did amazing- he was a champ (under the circumstances anyway, lol). The layover in Dubai wasn't all that bad until we couldn't find our next flight out- apparently we had to go to another gate entirely which you have to take a shuttle over (that only comes every 20 minutes) and another 15-20 to get to 'other' gate. We were a little stressed but made it just in time. I checked with the gal about our luggage- I wanted to make sure it made it on our flight and she pulled it up on the computer and confirmed! ....then we get to Kigali :-/ one of my bags is missing :( the MOST IMPORTANT bag of course. I suppose in the grand scheme of things, one of 6 isn't bad BUT- not so. PLEASE, I'm putting it out to the universe, we need good vibes/thoughts and everything else to reunite this bag with me soon!!!!

Aside from that hiccup, all else is going as planned. Chris met us at the airport, he had been there for hours waiting for us and started getting worried when we didn't come out with the rest... #lostluggageproblems. We got to the hostel we tentatively reserved but found out they didn't have any available rooms that were 'self-contained' (i.e., a bathroom/shower in the room). Without Rocco no problem, with Rocco- slight problem. Luckily, Ethan friended a gentleman who happened to own a hotel in town with his brother, they are from Canada (originally Tanzania) and, well, we are here now :)

I'm about to go downstairs to meet with Chris and have our debrief meeting and plan out our next few days, maybe starting with FOOD! 

Well- we are running into what may be another problem...Apparently, the boat we are taking from Uvira to Kalemie leaves every Wednesday, well, the same boat leaving Kalemie to Uvira leaves only every Saturday! We need to either find another way of transport, extend our trip two days or shorten our time in the field bueno.

Stay tuned. We just slept like 7 hours :-/ really! we are experienced travelers! lol, ugh- it's going to be another long night...

Above pics are of our take offs and landing shots from LA, Dubai, Uganda and Rwanda :)

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  1. Hi Krista! How are you guys traveling down to Uvira? Are you just going by car then crossing the border? If you could take pics of the boat to Kalemie that would be great. I was thinking about this route to get down to Moba, but have not actually seen what the boat looks like! Can you confirm if the boat goes down to Moba still? Thanks! Safe travels!