Friday, May 29, 2015

Luggage found! Schedule revised-

It's Friday, May 29th about 12 noon and, what a beautiful day it is here in Kigali, Rwanda!
We had a nice productive day yesterday and an early evening...I think we are all adjusted, more or less, now to the time change, this is good!

see map where we are, where we are going...
Today our plan was to shift from the fabulous 'Accord Hotel' to the original guest house we had booked, but Mebs (the owner with brother, Zahir, whom we met on the plane) again came through for us.  These two brothers have been more than helpful, they have opened up their home/hotel to us, the staff, everyone has been absolutely amazing. I've never felt so at home! We will be here till Sunday morning when we will depart EARLY for our long journey across the border to Uvira. It is approximately 270 km (168 miles) from Kigali to Bukavu, another 50 km (31 miles) from Bukavu to Bugarama and from Bugarama to Uvira another 120 km (74 miles). Once we get to Uvira we will find a place to stay for Sunday,
Monday and Tuesday night then depart early Wednesday morning for our 22 hour journey to Kalemie on the 'Super Bus'; a very large boat.

TRP will register for ECHO flights so that our next visit to the field we will be able to travel on the humanitarian flights more easily. They hop from Goma, Kalemie, Bukavu to Moba and many other areas where NGO's work.
dirty feet! 

Here are a few pics from our travels thus far...hoping to explore a little more of Kigali today and will share later.

posing for a pic in Kigali
Rocco pulling his weight through Dubai airport ;)
Stay tuned!

All aboard, flight number 2
Sleep is so underrated...#dubai intl airport makes it easy

Almost there!
quick stop in Entebbe, Uganda where Rocco was born!

lost luggage means WASH your own clothes :-/

Rocco was OUT cold.

We made it...almost 

When in

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  1. Great photos Krista, looks like Rocco is adjusting just fine