Saturday, May 30, 2015

And revised AGAIN, lol. Welcome to Africa :-/

Christian and I went to the airport this morning at 7am- due to the 'cleaning day' called 'Muganda' which is every last Saturday of every month in Rwanda, this means no cars can drive and no one can 'work' from 8am-12 noon. There are exceptions but one has to get special permission. So, we left well before we waited at the airport and had coffee which was actually a great chance for Christian and I to catch up on the current IDP situation in DRC. We discussed a proposed plan of which IDP camps we will be visiting as well as the new TRP office, how we can propose and execute an IGA this year (threw out some ideas incorporating education, children and a 'community garden' as well as classes for vulnerable women). So many great ideas, we are very eager to start our work!

The flight from Dubai arrived at 8:35am, NO BAG :( I then spent the next 3+ hours in the lost and found trying to find out WHERE the bag is and WHY it was 'confirmed' for the flight today but didn't arrive :-/    
Everyone has been so helpful, they just want me to find the bag as they realize we have irreplaceable things in it (like medication for Rocco etc...). Finally, just after 11am I left feeling deflated but still hopeful. Only then to receive more bad news!!! Our driver that was supposed to pick us up here in Kigali and take us all the way to Uvira has car trouble and cannot make it! lol, so we look for plan B, or is it C...maybe D! Christian and Ethan left for the public bus station, returning with good news! We can reserve X amount of seats (for us and for our luggage) for a lot less than what a driver would have cost. AND, the bus leave Monday evening arriving at the border early Tuesday morning. So we win, providing bag arrives Monday morning ;)
That is the update for now folks. Oh, and Rocco is having a blast with the local kids (and adults!) here in Kigali- we all are really.

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