Monday, June 1, 2015

And we are off to Congo!

I got a call this morning around 9:30am informing me that my bag had indeed arrived (the flight was originally scheduled to arrive at it was early), I left straight for the airport! Upon entering the baggage, 'lost and found' I saw my bag, and hugged the gentleman Makay who has been so helpful these past few days, then I took a picture :)
I opened it up to make sure everything was there, which it was, and we were off. Got back to the hotel and have been making our departure plans. Ethan and Christian are at the bus station now reserving our seats, I am at the hotel trying to print our documents for registering TRP for ECHO flights, packing, e-packing, etc...

We will depart tonight at 3am, or really tomorrow morning, arriving at the Congo/Rwanda border by 0900- then get picked up and cross into DRC to Uvira by 11
am...well this is the plan anyways ;)

Rwanda has been kind. Everyone we've met these past few days have been warm, welcoming and overly accommodating. We couldn't have asked for a better place to have been in transit-stuck or whatever you want to call it!

Now, time to pack our 6 bags into 4 :-o

Please note, I appreciate your following our journey, we will have less access to the Internet once we leave Rwanda thus my blogs will be longer but published less frequently. We hope you continue to join us, share our story and our goal of TRP: Sharing Stories, Connecting people, Changing lives through film, art, education and opportunity....

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