Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kigali, Rwanda June 16th 2015

After a very long day of traveling yesterday (litera
on the bus :-/
with kaka Jean Didiee
lly 12 hours!)
we literally had to buy 4 seats JUST for our luggage (angry face)
we finally made it. Upon reaching Kigali I realized we had not booked any lodging and called our trusted Mebs from the Accord hotel but, they were/are fully booked. Then I tried calling another then another- finally Jimmy (our awesome Kigali taxi man!) took us to three different hotel/hostels until we settled (reluctantly) at the Alpha Hotel...we are leaving today however lol; heading to Discover Rwanda Hostel :)

We left Uvira yesterday at 730am, made it across the border by 11, to the bus station in Rwanda by 1230, bus left at 1:10pm and got in last night around 7:30pm. What a day- a very long day. Girl sitting next to Ethan was car sick THE WHOLE WAY, plastic is banned in Rwanda but we were handing out Roccos' plastic diaper bags for her to use left and right. ugh.
in the taxi heading to restaurant near UNHCR, Uvira

Had a feast of 'toasted tomato and cheese' with chips last night for 'dinner' breakfast this morning, showers and packing up now to head out. Still A LOT of work ahead- Malela and I never finished the translations so we are working on those now via email (he is sending me them in French I am translating then sending back for corrections etc...) it is what it is :-/

Here are a few pics for visuals of our journey in Uvira and on the bus. Once settled today I will finalize my UNHCR meeting here in Kigali and get to work!

(pics not posting- Internet like snail...will post later :-/)

'hotel room' Uvira

bye for now!

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