Friday, June 19, 2015

last days in Kigali- USA bound in 11 hours...

June 16-18th 2015

We left Kalemie on Saturday, arrived in Uvira on Sunday morning, left Uvira Monday morning, arrived in Kigali Monday night, stayed at the Alpha hotel (after realizing we never made reservations anywhere :-o ended up going to three different hotels before we ‘settled’ on Alpha…).

I see toes! ;-)
 Went to Cari hotel Tuesday, overnighted there two nights, now going back to the Accord where we will be for our remaining two nights until we leave Kigali Saturday morning. Yesterday we went to the Serena hotel and had some down time at the pool, relaxed and just enjoyed ourselves. Today we will go to the market and get a few gifts for friends/family. I got one of the three interviews from Malela so I will work on syncing that today with the interview footage…other than that, we are just here! It’s a rainy/gloomy day, which is kind of nice for a change J bye for now-

We leave tomorrow morning, Jimmy (our trusted driver) will be here to take us to the airport by 7:30am L I have to say; we are NOT ready to come home…not that we don’t miss home and the beautiful people we love at home but, we just aren’t done here…nonetheless, we will be back, and of this I am confident.
quite the appetite this boy!
African prince :)

Kaka, ‘Malela’ is in Bukavu still, he went for a follow-up (he is recovering from Typhoid) and has told me quite firmly that he needs to rest and that our work needs to be delayed a bit- he is right. We are in no rush, especially with the work that we are doing (translations are VERY important!). So I am listening; I will work on the one interview we have translated on the flight tomorrow, and await the others. I will go through b-roll etc. and organize for preparations for editing; otherwise, I/it will just have to wait J
Rwanda Genocide Museum...let us NEVER forget
Signing off for now, until Dubai maybe …or en-route.

I am tired, I am happy, I am deflated and delighted; I am full of hope, encouragement and sadness- but, for all of this, I am forever grateful. 
someone wants to drive- REAL bad, unfortunately
we are crossing DRC/Rwanda border lol

June 19th 2015- Kigali, Rwanda

Today was a full day; we had breakfast around 8am here at the hotel, left around 10:30am for a visit to the Kigali, Genocide museum, visited the market afterwards, then, I went to my UNHCR meeting at 2:30pm, met up with Ethan, Rocco and Roland for lunch thereafter and, finished the day off with a movie in town! Then back to hotel for a nice quiet-goodbye- dinner.
I was happy to have had my UNHCR meeting confirmed, I look forward to doing more work in the near future with them, especially regarding the current regional conflict(s) in the east African community.
amazing meeting with a remarkable staff- UNHCR Kigali, Rwanda
the end of a long day...

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