Monday, July 20, 2015

Home- getting it together...

We arrived safely back to the states a month ago tomorrow- crazy how fast it's gone by. As most of you know, my family has a small bicycle rental business in the heart of Redondo Beach, since summer is our bussiest time of year; I have been helping out there since my return- on top of working my normal job, being an awesome mommy and working on the post-production aspect of The REEL Projects latest endeavor. In addition to putting another fundraiser together (end of Sep?), accounting, taxes and well, the list goes on....

Our time in Africa was special, we accomplished a great deal but the work has only just started. The need to build 4 latrines in the IDP camp of Nyemba will be one of our top priorities as they do not even have ONE. Although we may not find anything 'sexy' about building a latrine or raising money for them; it is a necessity most of us take for granted. TRP will also be fulfilling gaps in number of clusters under the UN- Health, Education and Protection.

This week I will be finializing TRP's accounting, meeting with our editor, setting up a location for the next big Fundraiser all whilst fulfilling my other day-to-day duties ;)

Happy to be home, however, I cannot WAIT to go back and see these projects through.

Pics of the vulnerables you (we) supported, newly painted TRP sign outside our Kalemie office and more to come soon!

Stay tuned, post your questions, comments, concerns here....I will try to be more diligent at responding :)


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