Friday, February 19, 2016


February 19th 2016

It’s about 8am, Rocco and I have been up for just over an hour, baba Rocco is still sleeping, he and the makako slept together in the tent last night (lol), so he’s still tired. Kaka came by last night just as we were about to go to sleep (well myself, I always beat everyone to the lala punch!), and we quickly reviewed our interview questions for Mr. Ebanda and Mr Yacuba (Sere) today. Unfortunately, he will be working all day so will not be able to make it to assist with the interviews, but that’s ok, thankfully todays will all be in English.

Nyembo and Mr. Dossen are off to Nyunzu today; I hope they will return by next week Wednesday as we depart for Uvira in the afternoon Thursday. There is still a lot to go over and, further it would great to have a brief on the status of the latrines, as they will see Mr. Daniel the engineer. I am calling Nyembo now, to ask that he not forget to take pictures while in the field as well. Nyembo didn’t answer but Dossen did, and he assured me that they would do all of the above!

So this morning we are meeting Mr. Ebanda for his interview, yesterday we had to reschedule as he was called away to a meeting by the Kinshasa staff and said that the matter was urgent. I assured him there was no problem and he thanked me for my understanding.

We have a lot on the agenda this weekend-most especially since we only have Malela Sat and Sun! From finalizing the TRP office, to the OCHA meeting, UNICEF meeting and interview- the education initiative and getting our travels in order for Uvira, Kigali, Dubai etc…I can’t believe we leave in less than a week! So bittersweet…SO SOOOOOOO much that needs to be done yet. Ugh, sigh.

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