Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday February 18th 2016

baba Rocco and Makako (King Louie)
It’s just after 8am and the sounds of the busy day are in full swing…from the roosters to the ‘streets’ of Kalemie- to the overhead sound of ECHO flight (humanitarian flight that takes NGO’s from one location to the next)…well that entry was short, lol, we were summoned downstairs by Mama Tete; she asked that Ethan drive her around to do some errands today, lol. Its now just after 3pm and we are preparing for our next UNHCR interview w/ Mr. Ebanda who is the head of office. 

Painting the TRP office (stinky paint!)
Yesterdays interview with Nyembo couldn’t have gone better! He is such a plethora of information, especially when it comes to the field and IDP/Refugees. He is a hard worker who cares deeply about what he does and is aware of the impact his job makes. It was a delight to speak with him. Afterwards I treated everyone (Nyembo, kaka, Ethan) to dinner at Musalala. We didn’t get back to the house till almost 9:30; Rocco was fast asleep and we were all ready to head in that direction.

Today we got to drive around Kalemie and see a lot more of the ‘new’ Kalemie as well as MANY new developments in the area (near the airport). We came back to the house after picking up the kids from school and just finished rice with canned tuna…lol, ces’t la vie.
Kalemie Airport

Tomorrow we will interview Mr. Sere Yacuba, he is the project manager at UNHCR, he will no doubt be able to answer a lot of lingering questions and fill in A LOT of blanks…furthermore, today I will stop by and see Mr. Dossen @ AIRD and follow-up on the engineer, Daniel who is supposedly still in the field, in Nyunzu. Nyembo will leave tomorrow or Saturday and return next week Wednesday (the day before we depart Kalemie).

with Rocco and mama Tete
We didn’t make it to the TRP office today but hopefully the paint will be dry and we can continue with our work tomorrow. I need to buy curtains, furniture etc…so much to do, so little time- really. And I must admit, today I am EXTRA EXTRA Choka sana (very tired). Speaking of tired- Rocco has been napping now for over two hours!

Ok, signing off for now as I am hoping when we get to UNHCR I can connect to the internet and post this :-p


 ...update; before I post- our interview has been rescheduled for we are off for now. T.I.A. ;-p

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