Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It's Interview Wednesday!

February 17th 8:30am- Kalemie

Today is a beautiful sunny day; I’ve been up since 6am on the dot and slept great (thanks to Ethan buying a fan that worked for most of the night!). We’ve had our breakfast (oatmeal -again!) I’m finishing up my coffee and we are listening to BeBeCool-Rocco is quite the entertainer ;)
Today we will paint the TRP office and organize- we have a UNHCR interview with Nyembo later this afternoon at 5pm then we will take him to Musalala (beach restaurant) as he will depart tomorrow or thereafter for a Nyunzu return trip (he literally travels 5 days a week!), after that he will come back to Kalemie, then go to the axe; Pweto, Mitaba etc…tomorrow I organized an interview with Mr. Ebanda (head of office, Kalemie UNHCR) and on Friday afternoon with Mr. Sere (UNHCR project manager). On Saturday we will meet with the lady from UNICEF and Monday with mama Rose (UNICEF). Kaka organized the education initiative chart so we will have a couple of days next week to fill those blanks in…as for everything else, we have been going through some great footage, Ethan has done an amazing job and we are ever grateful!
Going to sign off for now so we can get our day started!

Painted all morning/afternoon, got the outside of the wall finished and the painter will (fingers crossed) do the TRP logo tomorrow…and, we will continue organizing the office.        Had rice and beans for lunch, bucket showered (it’s a SUPER HOT DAY TODAY), and now at UNHCR setting up for Nyembo’s interview. Rocco and Michelle are out in the compound harassing the poor UN goat. Lol.

Bye for now!

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