Friday, February 5, 2016


Tomorrow morning we depart the lovely Accord Hotel in Kigali and head to the Rwanda/DRC border (Bugarama). Thank you Jory for putting us in touch with your friend who has helped us get a reliable 4x4 and driver (Joseph)! We don't have to leave at 4am but rather 8am now! Plan is....ha, yes, the 'plan' is that we will arrive at the border by mid day (noon). Theo our trusted 'border' taxi and liason will arrange for us to have transport once in DRC. We will overnight in Uvira at the Fizi hotel and depart on the boat Sunday morning arriving in Kalmie Monday early.

After careful evaluation, we will be buying most of our materials for the latrines in Kalemie as transporting them via boat (and 7 bags) isn't sound...We will then immediately meet with UNHCR, OCHA and OP and IP partners to discuss venturing out to the camps. We will most likely be constructing, in multiple camps simultaneously the latrines. It will allow us to finish and complete the majority during the two weeks we plan to be in the field. 

I was able to confirm a meeting, upon our return,  with the Deputy Director at UNHCR/Rwanda. It is my hope that we can further discuss the Burundi Refugee Media project we previously discussed...

It's 11pm local time here and we are all pretty exhausted. Jet lag is still well, lagging and my eyes are more than heavy. Have to get some good rest for our long journey tomorrow!

Stay tuned, lots more pics to come.

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