Wednesday, February 3, 2016

3 Days: LAX-Dubai-Addis-Kiglai

Not a full flight and traveling w a toddler = more room!

Today is Thursday February 4th, 2016, we are in Kigali, Rwanda at the Accord hotel. Arrived yesterday just before 1pm local time (we are 10 hours ahead). 
Thankfully Rocco and I were at LAX early enough to check in and request a front row for more 'toddler room' lol, they hesitated because not everyone was there (ETHAN! who only arrived at 2pm, 1 hour and 35 minutes before the departure of our INTL flight- insert angry stressed face here!) 


Woo hoo! Africa here we come! 

Upon arriving in Dubai we knew we had a 7 hour layover, but rather than finding a hotel we decided to just make our rounds around the largest airport and occupy our time wisely. When the gate finally did open (after 2am McDonalds, Starbucks and a nap), we were told that our 'FlyDubai' flight had been cancelled...BACK IN

Emirates re-routed us through Addis Ababa Ababa with a 2+ hour later departure and another 2+ hour layover. We agreed so long as ALL of our 7 bags made it on the flight, layovers etc.. with us. The layover was fine, the flights were both delayed however we DID make it and ALL of our bags made it as well :)

Even after all the food and snacks on the place we were still excited to have our McDonalds in Dubai (they have veggie burgers!!!!).

Dubai Intl airport and McDonalds yum!

Captains seat!

After our long LAX-Dubai leg, Rocco got to visit with the pilots, and successfully saluted the captain true to form-Craig Barnes style. He was then rewarded by getting to sit in the captains seat and then given a twix. :)
All of our flights were easy and Rocco was a champ. We watched movies, talked, read a couple of books, played- ate, slept and repeated all of the above a few times over. 

playing, I mean 'testing' the 'equipment'

Christian, 'kaka' Malela picked us up from the airport with Jimmy, our trusted Kigali driver. We all had a laugh as I told Jimmy he is going to have to invest in a larger car (Ethan and Kaka had to moto taxi to the hotel as the entire car was packed w our luggage (9 bags including carryons)- Rocco and I sat in the front seat with Jimmy. lol
 We are now at the Accord hotel with all of our friends, old and new. We managed to stay awake once getting to the hotel for a few hours, made some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, had a cup of noodle and took a nap. Finally around midnight we were finally out. I've been up since 7am local time (it is now just after 10am), Ethan and Rocco are still fast asleep...

Good morning Kigali!

Today our work continues. We have literally two days to organize our meetings while in Kigali, finalize our schedule in Nyunzu (IDP camps) for the latrine project, continue with our translations from last trip as well as plan and research for our next project! Kaka has a number of initiatives, ideas and people for TRP to meet with as well. He and TRP definitely have a lot in common ;)

Rocco, the  traveler :)

It feels good to be back. I am excited, driven and bright eyed with emotion and extremely thankful to be once again, in the motherland :) I will continue to write daily and post when possible. Our fabulous Internet ends the day we leave Kigali (early Saturday morning), but we should have the opportunity to connect once in a while in DR Congo. Until later, krista


  1. Happy to know you all make it to Kigali, luggage too. Veggie burgers at McDonalds? Must be great. Hope the next leg of the trip goes smoothly. Higgs to all of you. Debbie

  2. Glad all made it safely, sounds like Rocco joined the world traveler.. Taking after his parents haha... Love your posts.... LUBTTU ❤️❤️❤️