Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Wednesday, February 24th 2016

It’s around 9am, I am in the car en-route to UNHCR waiting on mama Tete as she is at the pharmacy getting prescription filled for Rocco…he started to have diarrhea last night and throwing up :-/ he didn’t and couldn’t keep much down…this all started when he woke-up from his nap around 2:30pm, I had just returned prior from the schools. I cancelled everything I had all afternoon and stayed with him. Then around 1am he was burning up and his fever didn’t break (literally till this morning). We contemplated taking him to the clinic or hospital but decided to give him a little Dimetapp and wait for it to kick in. I was up pretty much ALL night checking on him and monitoring his fever :-/

So this morning around 3:30am I called kaka and he came to the house at 5:30am, mama Tete papa Guy and the whole family checked on Rocco last night and this morning. We went to the doctor, did the malaria lab test (negative!) and then saw the doctor who said it’s probably worms (due to swimming in the lake ove the weekend). So we are getting medication, I am rearranging my morning meetings and hopefully by this afternoon we will be GOOD TO GO and Rocco will feel 100%.

Ok, going to post and will try to write more later…


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  1. Hope Rocco gets better, poor lil man. Beso's for him ok, love from Grandma