Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Still Wednesday...

Went to the doctor, Rocco is going to be fine- he does NOT HAVE MALARIA which is good, what he does have... well we are not really entirely 100% sure, but it may be a type of worm, bothering his tummy and causing the vomiting and fever? The doctors were really nice and worked with me and my Swahili :) Rocco was/is a champ and we all just want him to feel better :( So we are giving him the medication, making sure he is smiling as much as possible and reassuring him how much we love him :) and that goes for EVERYONE. I think he is enjoying the attention :-/

At UNHCR now waiting on Tusen, he is head of protection here, and has been assisting me since yesterday with the vulnerable education initiative, we are scheduled to visit the Du Lac school this afternoon and meet the two kids that were forced to drop out 4 months ago as they couldn't afford the I wait.

Most everyone is out- either in L'shi, Bukavu, Kinshasa or elsewhere.

I spoke w Nyembo yesterday and the latrines are almost finished! They were installing the doors and roofing so he has some great pictures and updates he will be sending (network is still really weak!).

As for the rest- of EVERYTHING, pole pole, we are working on what we can for by one.

Ok, too much to do.
tutaonana baadaye

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  1. Glad Rocco is better and doesn't have Maleria. When do you all start your venture back to the states? Hope all is going well, love reading your posts. Miss talking with you though.. LUBTTU