Friday, February 26, 2016

late post- Thursday day of departure :(

It’s Thursday, February 25th, 2016 we leave in a few hours…I am at the UNHCR now trying to say goodbye to a few friends/colleagues and send out my last post while in Kalemie…
TRP sent these two lovely to school :)
It’s bittersweet of course, but we will be back, as there is too much work underway and in need. 

searching for the students in need...
For those of you wondering about Rocco…we (Ethan and I) spoke with his actual doctor in California last night and Rocco is fine…his fever subsided, he is full of energy and playing today (finally!). We are keeping him hydrated and giving him small amounts of bland food so that he can keep it all down J
As for the TRP office, I will stop there as well as OCHA on my way ‘home’ then we will go to the port with the car and mama Tete. We do have a room so we can load our bags and we will all have a ‘bed’ so that will be nice.

Yesterday I successfully sent two orphaned kids to school for the rest of the year, and with proper monitoring and follow-up with family, TRP will continue to support these two (pics are posted soon- or maybe they can be seen on FB…not sure of connection).

Ok, well time is running…out. We will be in Uvira tomorrow with Internet, hopefully. Then on Saturday we will most likely leave for Kigali. We will have just under a week to organize and have a few meetings etc… hopefully kaka and I will finish the Educaiton Initiative on the boat and the OCHA translations lol, ayyyyy.

Bye for now


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