Friday, February 26, 2016

Arrived! Kalemie-Uvira

Uvira Port
our 'room' :)
We made it! I was not able to post on Thursday (Internet at UNHCR was not working...), hence the late post now...but we made it! lol, we are now in Uvira, the minute we got the the FIZI we paid for the Internet code for the full day ($4 USD), then the power went off :( so we only just now got connected (power back on...for now!?).  It's 7:20pm

Yesterday was crazy- trying to get everything done, say goodbye, organize getting to and from office(s) ugh, it was hectic! Then I didn't even get to eat till 2pm so I had a splitting headache till late last night :( We wanted to be at the port by 2pm but didn't get there till closer to 3:30pm! lol, the boat 'leaves' at 4 (we didn't leave till just after 5pm...).
Rocco & Ethan loving the bunkbeds
 Nonetheless, it was crazy getting there, getting on the boat, once again, and all of the above repeat repeat, lol. However, it was nice having our own 'room' and was VERY HOT ugh then cold early am (we slept with the door wide open- needed ventilation!), but managed to get more sleep than our first trip!
OMG look at the dirt on my feet! haaaa
breakfast of champions PB&J
We arrived this morning just after 8am and had a bit of a struggle getting our luggage and ourselves off the boat (as to be expected) but once we did, and once we left the madness of the port we found a driver to drop us off at the FIZI, we waited for our room to be cleaned, dropped our stuff, and headed out to eat (which takes hours...). We had a FILLING LUNCH (even though Rocco and I filled up on rice, plantains and, it was GREAT. Then we decided to head to the beach, it was a hot day and we could all have used a little break! Of COURSE Rocco falls asleep mid way there, then we got stuck in our little taxi twice and then stuck behind another car that was stuck, lol, Ethan and kaka helped relieve. It was all and all a fun filled and entertaining day. We got back to the FIZI, Rocco and I bucket showered, Ethan and kaka napped (not together, lol) and now we are organizing dinner and I'm writing! :)

our taxi hee hee
Kaka and I are finalizing the inventory list, we have discussed our proposed upcoming projects, we are VERY EXCITED about them all :) news to come!
a few of 'our' latrine pics
I heard back from Yacuba (UNHCR Kalemie) and we are awaiting the letter which will facilitate TRP re-registering for ECHO and a local bank account. If that happens by tomorrow, kaka will head to Goma and organize, we will head to Kigali- via bus :(
the 'beach'
Well, I am going to post a few pics from today, yesterday and get to work (on dinner and work!).

Looking forward to being in Kigali for some REAL food, like cheese and FRUIT- we literally haven't eaten fruit in a month :(

Wishing everyone a happy weekend from Uvira, DRC!

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