Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Really FlyDubai and Emirates????

It's Wednesday, February 3rd, just before noon. I am sitting here on hold with Emirates (which I have been on line with for well over an hour now...) trying to figure out our departure date! As those of you whom have been following this blog/journey, you know that our FlyDubai flight inbound from Dubai to Kigali was also cancelled, they (Emirates) re-routed us, from the airport, on Ethiopian Airlines...hence the delay, layovers etc... (FlyDubai was a direct flight). So now we are faced with the same problem only there is not an Emirates office here in Kigali so I am at the mercy of Emirates call centers 
No comment.

(ALL OVER THE WORLD, ugh).  And they, unfortunately, do not have 'permission' to re-book us on another they have to wait for an email approval. Only, no one is emailing in response and or approving so we wait. T.I.A., I know, but c'mon!!!! We are sitting ducks. arrrrg
Ok, time to utilize the day... been working on the TRP mission/field report, in between there being Internet and not. Went and saw 'DeadPool' the movie last night (said it was rated 'G'....sorry Rocco, it was ABSOLUTELY not rated G). And today we are going to the market to get a few small tokens of thanks for family and friends...then to the rooftop Chinese restaurant we have heard so much about.

Been meeting some very nice and interesting people from all over- Alaska, South Africa etc...saw our dear friend Claire ('hunny hunny') and trying to enjoy and relax a bit while still in Kigali.
Yesterday I followed-up to confirm my UNHCR meeting here in Kigali and got the response that EVERYONE in the office is out on retreat and will only return Friday eve...I mentioned that we are (planning) to leave Saturday but have yet to hear back...obviously I am dissappointed as I had confirmed this meeting prior to our initial Kigali departure, but again, T.I.A. (this is Africa...). Now I will just have to make due with emails and calls...

All is well in Kalemie/DRC, been in touch with kaka- I think everyone is decompressing from our month long- never ending- mission. Will follow-up today with all the staff at the UNHCR Kalemie office with update requests and thank you's...ok, off for now, def looking forward to getting home, T-one week :)

oh, and Rocco is feeling 100% and eating again like a monster :)
Rocco chows down!

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  1. Will be good to have you home all of safe and sound.. I'm praying for your safe return. LUBTTU all ❤️❤️❤️❤️