Thursday, March 17, 2016

Home! and a very Happy St. Patricks day to all!

It's St. Patricks day and since the day we arrived home it's been NON STOP go go go- so much good, too much to write now but no complaints. I've felt nothing but love, compassion and gratitude for life, friends and loved ones- EVEN STRANGERS.

It's no secret that I love what I do- I am passionate about passion (and finding ones own...) so I can talk day and night about 'Africa' and Congo and literally never stop- this often turns into full conversations about life, travel and yes, passion. It also often turns into life long relationships established over a marble bar or, in line at a Starbucks- regardless, let today be a day we say thanks- raise a glass and smile.

We only have ONE life people, make it count (and if we have more than one, it's likely we will not

Will write more soon- very soon!

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