Friday, June 23, 2017

Education!!! Working on TRP's Education Initiative 2016/2017

We are and have been diligently working on The REEL Project's Education Initiative...currently TRP is supporting the education of 6 children, we are funded for 44 additional and seeking funds to reach our goal of 500!

Education should be a right to all children, everywhere. Just because a child is born in a country stricken with poverty, a poorly run government, corruption and a history of violence and war...doesn't mean they should suffer...

A simple $100 will send a child to school for an entire school YEAR! Providing him or her with all the necessities to access what should be a given right- to learn, grow and, to succeed!

Donate today. Donate once a month, once a year, anything and everything helps, only $2 a WEEK will sponsor a child with a uniform, shoes, books and all the fees necessary for he or she to attend school.

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