Monday, November 5, 2018

Joburg to Ndola, Zambia

Last night it rained and thundered which made for a beautiful rainbow and a gorgeous clear morning. Thanks to time travel (ha), my new wake-up hour is 5am, ON THE DOT! This is actually nice because I get to witness silence and hear birds and it is very serene.
Years of making friends
Looks like a fire ball- but it's a rainbow

Clear (albeit crooked) pic
Getting ready to head out shortly, bags packed and looking forward to landing in Ndola. Reached out to a dear friend who was once the Protection (Refugee) officer with the UNHCR in Kawambwa, Zambia. 'Papa Isaac' will be in Ndola today and we are hopeful to meet! It's nice knowing and keeping in contact with good people- especially those that share the same passion...

Here are a few pics of the rainbow, this morning and some prepping for Zambia, I'll fill in the blanks when I get to the airport and have 3+ hours to kill....ayyyyy.

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