Monday, November 12, 2018

Ndola-Joburg, again.

Today marks 12 days being away from my littles. I've never in all of their (and my) lives been apart from them this long and it is excruciating. I cannot, I repeat CANNOT wait to hold them and love them to pieces.

And, to even begin to describe the excitement Malela and I have with The REEL Projects upcoming endeavors would be impossible. Words clearly do not and cannot suffice. It will be a long road ahead as there is a ton of work, planning, fundraising etc... but it will be done with passion and integrity.

Meanwhile, back home in California- my land is burning. My friends are displaced and some, have even lost their homes. These are tough times, times of reflection and appreciation for what is- and what was. Sending love and strength to endure through these difficult days and days ahead.

I am grateful, thankful and learning to be more a little more patient with time.

With love from South Africa,

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